Hydroponics involves growing plants in water according to statistics with nutrients. This water is soaked by plants with their roots which remain submerged in the same. Food can be grown in less space which is perfect for cities where space constraints are huge. You can grow almost any herb or smaller vegetables in tubs. According to statistics, it is yet to be decided who is the inventor of hydroponics but there is no doubt that hydroponics is and really useful science. The word hydroponics was first coined by a scientist from California in 1936. He had apparently grown a tomato plant in his home which grows almost 25 feet. This, given the concept of hydroponics, can be used for growing an indoor farm even in the absence of soil.

Hydroponics is an amazing science because it can help you produce fruits and vegetables that are without pests of the soil, viruses, bacteria, or even weeds. The plants grown with science are much healthier as they also grow much faster than fruits and vegetables produced using traditional techniques. This is because the plants, in this case, are receiving the required nutrients without any hassle since it is already present in the liquid in which the roots are submerged. Also, the plants get sunlight throughout the day and night in a controlled atmosphere. In hydroponics, even the light from which the plants make food is not always sunlight. Most of these plants grow under the LED lights which provide light throughout the day and night thus hastening the process of photosynthesis and the production of food.

Hydroponics also allows the amount of nutrition in each of the fruits and vegetables produced to be controlled. This is because the nutrition required is provided through the nutritional solution added in the water of the plants. So, you can produce lettuce with low potassium levels which are perfect for a patient with a kidney condition.

How does hydroponics work?
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