Introducing Your Personal Farm

Grow where you live, work and eat.

We build smart personal farms for homes and hotels that makes growing simple. We make it easy to grow fresh, delicious food year-round — in rain or in sun– right under your own roof. Nigalo transforms ordinary places into living, growing spaces

state of art technology

Our smart, soil-less growing hydroponics systems are Designed to be beautiful in any space, They are fully self-contained and requires minimal effort, innovation and sustainability while providing meaningful produce yield in an automated way. 

So many crops possibilities.

Our Smart Automated technology allow you to explore a wide variety of crops, from classic herbs to exotic edible flowers. The choice is yours.

hydroponics crop possibilities in Nepal

Freshest Veggies, ever!

We also grow & deliver fresh food Every single day

Our farms are close to where your home is, creating a completely transparent supply chain with low-carbon footprint, delivering produce filled with nutrients and wholesome goodness harvested just minutes before delivery.



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High in Nutrition

Good for Earth

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